Ann-Sophie Deproost

°1989 Bruges

Works and lives in Ghent


La Nuu
La Nuu
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo blanco
Expo Lysterinck
Expo Lysterinck
Expo Stroom/lijn
Expo Stroom/lijn
Expo Stimulans
Expo Jan Colle Galerij

Upcoming exhibitions

2024   PhotoBrussels Festival, Duo expo, 14 january - 2 march, Nationale 8 Gallery, Brussels

2024   Sibi Sibi, group exhibition, 18 february - 3 march, Galerie Gevaert, Zwevezele

2024   Het Objectief, Solo exhibition, 14 - 30 march, Het Objectief, Ghent

Past exhibitions

2023   Zomersalon 2023, Buy Local, group exhibition, Kunsthal Ghent

2023   Out of office, group exhibition, Poortersloge Bruges

2022   Ongoing conversations, group exhibition, Galerie Gevaert, Zwevezele

2022   La Nuu, Rubí international photography festival, group exhibition, Rubí, Barcelona, Spain

2021   Brugge Foto Festival, group exhibition, Bruges

2021   Input/ Output, group exhibition, Poortersloge, Bruges

2021   Art@work, group exhibition, Domein De Cellen Oostkamp

2021   Zomersalon 2021, Buy Local, group exhibition, Kunsthal Ghent

2021   Expo & double bookpresentation Els Dierick & Ann-Sophie Deproost, Voskenslaan 243, Ghent

2020   Book launch & expo 'SC.A', solo exhibition, Limerick Ghent

2020   O.V. Project, group exhibition, Brussels

2020   Zomersalon 2020, Buy Local, group exhibition, Kunsthal Ghent

2019   Assemblage Exquis, group exhibition, Galerie Gevaert, Zwevezele

2019   Young international art fair, group exhibition, Paris

2019   Blanco, Nucleo, solo exhibition, Ghent

2019   Nationale 8 gallery, solo exhibition, Dilbeek

2018   Lysterinck, group exhibition, Ghent

2018   Stroom/Lijn, Stad Onderstroom, group exhibition, Diksmuide

2018   Stimulans 2018, group exhibition, Kortrijk

2017   Pelzen, solo exhibition, Roeselare

2016   'Field Notes And Dirty Drawings', FRAME, group exhibition, Z33 Hasselt

2016   '7+1', group exhibition, Tielt

2016   '10 jaar KVDM', group exhibition, Zebrastraat, Ghent

2016   TUMULTINGENT #4, group exhibition, KERK, Ghent

2016   stART, The FOTORAMA window project, FOTORAMA, Wevelgem

2015   Fris XI, group exhibition, Jan Colle Galerij, Ghent

2015   LABO, Margot Deroose, Louis Samain & Ann-Sophie Deproost, B\LD, Ghent

2015   Most people never eat poetry #1, group event with Marcel Beyer, Luca Ghent

2014   KVDM, solo exhibition, Zebrastraat, Ghent

2014   Fatime Molnar & Ann-sophie Deproost, duo exhibition, NVT galerie, Ghent

2014   It's showtime! graduation show, group exhibition, LUCA, Ghent

2014   Solo pop-up exhibtion, Huset Ghent

2014   Expo Anneleen Chielens & Ann-Sophie Deproost, duo exhibition, Bavart Ghent

2014   Dia:logica, group exhibition, Leuven

2014   TUMULTINGENT #2, group exhibition, Lindenlei Ghent

2013   Expo  H I G H  F I V E, In de frigo, group exhibition, Augustijnenkaai Ghent

2013   It's showtime, group exhibition, Sint Lucas Ghent

2012   Stukske grafiek (Expo #002), group exhibition, Betoncentrale, DOK Ghent

2011   Expo #001, group exhibition, Sint Lucas Ghent


2022   Still magazine

2021   Publication DH.A,2021, Selfpublished book

2020   Publication SC.A, 2020, Selfpublished book

2019   Article The Art Couch #3

2018   Stroom/lijn catalogue

2018   Stimulans 18 catalogue

2016   Dienacht, Digital

2015   Phases magazine

2015   D!NG magazine, The black and white issue

2015   SNOR magazine, Issue 14

2015   D!NG magazine, Issue 13

2014   Interview expo at NVT Galerie

Education / Nominations

2021              Selection Input/Output, Bruges

2018              Selection & Honorable mention, Stimulans 18, Kortrijk

2013 - 2014   Master Fine Arts, Sint Lucas, Ghent

2010 - 2013   Bachelor Fine Arts, Sint Lucas, Ghent